Sun Nation is a small leather goods studio, designed and run by Lizzy Gladstone – most days it feels like a creative adventure machine.

Our workshop is located in San Antonio , TX where we make our goods with our hands (hearts and souls.) Drawing on years of traditional metal - smithing and leather working experience, we merge the time-honored with spur-of-the-moment experimentation.

Lizzy trained at a traditional leather atelier in Italy and brings this knowledge of luxury leather craftsmanship to each Sun Nation piece. With a deep appreciation for detail and quality, every piece is made to order and created by hand.

Leather is an unusual and fascinating material. The life it had before as a living creature is imbued in it’s suppleness and resiliency. Every scar and insect bite is absorbed and reincarnated as the hide is transformed. No other material is as soft and strong, sturdy yet graceful. We constantly look for ways to highlight the amazing, natural qualities of this material.

Our designs are humble interpretations of the diverse and sublime beauty of the natural world. Using the tools of ornament and embellishment, we imbue each piece with a celebration of line and form. We love how pattern and texture can transform even the simplest shapes into joyful objects.

Dedicated to sustainable and ethical business practices, Sun Nation is committed to making the world better than we found it . All of our leather is 100% vegetable-tanned and comes from USA tanneries. No heavy metals or toxic chemicals are used to make our leather and we use only non-toxic, water-based glues and dyes.